Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Title explained

Not really solitaire.  I’m here with my wife, but the blogging is evidence of my isolation.  The other night I went almost sleepless, manically binging on newly-acquired internet access.  Fairly successful in resisting porn and social media, I scrolled Edward Abbey quotes and my admiration for the man got rekindled.  I have been to these pages before, in much the same way I always scan his section in a bookstore or library even though I know damn well I've consumed his catalog (same for Ken Kesey, Hunter Thompson, David Foster Wallace and Charles Bukowski: all the dead and degenerate that I crave).  Does everyone do that?  So it’s a shout out, and I’ll work real hard to achieve some sort of paralleling thematic bent to my writing to properly represent.  So, that's how we start: back-asswards and cheesy.  Medina = the old Arab quarter of a North African city. 

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